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Patty Bultman is a certified Christian counselor and the founder of Peace House Ministries, which offers women hope and comfort through Jesus Christ. She openly shares her life story with anyone who will listen; a life quite explainable without God’s intervention and salvation. Patty especially enjoys talking to women who may also have experienced the hurt and despair she struggled with before she gave her life to the Lord. She wants to share the forgiveness and redemption she found in Christ. Patty has been blessed with two grown sons, a growing grandson, and five years with a grandson who has gone on to be with the Lord. Patty lives in a small Kansas town with her husband and love-of-her-life, Alan. She enjoys interior design and facilitating Bible studies.  
Common Threads -- Patty Bultman
Patty is the author of Common Threads. In the first book of the Peace House Series, three women from a small Bible belt town connect over a mysterious box and painful secrets from their past. Judging by outward appearance. Ruthie, Abigail, and Mimsey are nothing alike, but on the inside they are one in the same, hiding dark sins, guilt, and shame. When Ruthie discovers an unexplained box full of personal letters, past secrets are revealed and friendships form. As the women set out to find the owner of the box, they begin to see the common threads that tie them together - hope, faith, and the incredible grace of their savior. ​

Common Paths ​-- Patty Bultman
​Common Paths is now available. it is the second book of the Peace House series. The Peace House now has a house, a beautiful home in Hugoton, KS, devoted to sharing God's love in many ways. It is a retreat center, a place for Bible studies, a classroom for life skills, and a place to counsel with those in need. Common Paths​ is a continuation of the story. It gives the reader a insight of what goes on in Peace House only in fiction form. It is a healing place where small groups grow closer to God.

Common Threads and Common Paths are available online through Amanzon or through Patty.
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Peace House Ministries has been blessed with an amazing group of leaders and volunteers who help us fulfill God's plan.